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July 2002

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Sights & Sounds
of Bald Eagles

Tell Us: The Game
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The Hunley in 3-D

Image: The Hunley in 3-D

Secret weapon of
the Confederacy, the
Hunley was the first
submarine to sink
an enemy ship. Then
it vanished. Take
a 360° look
at its
outer hull.

July 2002 Features

Nuclear Waste
Bald Eagles
The Philippines
Raising Hunley
The Big Bloom
Washington, D.C.
Sights and Sounds of Bald Eagles
Sights and Sounds of Bald Eagles
Follow the flight of bald eagles as they soar toward a comeback in this multimedia presentation.

The Big Bloom The Big Bloom
Flowering plants—explore
the sweet mystery of their
origin, then decorate your
with some
dazzling petals.

In Focus: Somalia In Focus: Somalia
A failed state? Or an entrepreneurial
haven? Listen to author Andrew
Cockburn describe a place where
Osama bin Laden “wouldn’t last a
day.” Then join our forum board.

Global Getaways Editor Bill Allen
shares his five
favorite places
in the U.S.
Global Getaways
Get the details
behind hot topics
with this listing
of Web links and

The National Geographic staff wishes you peace in the new year.


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High-level Nuclear Waste
In the United States, should it all be moved to one location, such as Yucca Mountain in Nevada?


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