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No Frills
Photograph by Landon Nordeman

Ben Kuykendall and his girlfriend, Christina Terry, make do with less on his 31-foot (nine-meter) sloop, the Pequod, moored for the past two years at the Gangplank Marina. A captain in the Army, Kuykendall walks across the 14th Street Bridge to his job at the Pentagon while Terry, a pastry chef, walks to her job in D.C. They’ve limited their use of dish detergent to an eight-ounce (.24-liter) bottle over the past year and a half. “We’re not tree huggers or anything,” says Kuykendall. “We just try not to pollute the environment.” (Of course it helps that they only have two plates, two glasses, and a few pots and pans.) During winters, ceramic heaters keep the boat comfortable. “I suppose we’ll live here one more year, until I finish my current assignment,” says Kuykendall. “After that, who knows where we’ll go.”

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Leica M6
Film Type: Kodak E200
Lens: 28mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/60 @ f/2.8
Weather Conditions: Cloudy and rainy
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Lighting Techniques: Available light

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