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July 2002

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Maya Paint: Made to Last

Lori Polette of the University of Texas at El Paso has solved the ancient mystery of how the blue color found in Maya art has remained so bright. Maya artists heated the clay-and-indigo-based blue paint, fusing the two ingredients into a durable, environmentally benign pigment. This process has attracted the interest of modern paint makers.

Web Links

Maya Blue
Read about the chemical composition of Maya paint, detailed by Lori Polette and Russell Chianelli of the University of Texas at El Paso.

Bonampak Murals
Take a virtual tour of Bonampak, Mexico, the site that inspired the search for ancient Maya pigments.

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Polette, Lori. “Unlocking Secrets of an Ancient Paint.” Discovering Archaeology (August 2000), 46.

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