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August 2002

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A Real Head-Turner

Image: Skull

Manipulate a 3-D
of the 1.75-
skull that has
scientists rethinking
our family tree. Then
share your thoughts
on our forum board.

August 2002 Features

Georgian Skull
S. Africa Coast
Mount Fuji
Henrietta Marie
Proboscis Monkeys
Bear Island, NH
Oceans of Plenty
Oceans of Plenty
Hear about the teeming seas off
South Africa's coast. Then Zoom In
on amazing images.

Hell Hold
Witness the last voyage of the Henrietta Marie, one of the oldest slave ships ever excavated. Then share your thoughts on our forum board.
Hell Hold

Proboscis Monkeys Tim Laman
takes to the
river to nose
for ...
Proboscis Monkeys
Russian Smokejumpers
The online interview is hot,
but seeing the Russians in action is hotter.

Travel Tips: Mount Fuji

Global Getaways Czech editor Tomas Turecek shares hisGlobal Getaways
ZipUSA: Bear Island, NH
Go back to summer camp and share your memories on our forum board.

ZipUSA: Bear Island, NH

The National Geographic staff wishes you peace in the new year.


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Should African-Americans be paid reparations for slavery?


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