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August 2002

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Panthers: 80, Rising

Crossbreeding between the Florida panther and a Texas subspecies in 1995 may be reducing genetic defects in the Florida cat and thus increasing its population. Census tallies from a decade ago counted between 30 and 50 in southwestern Florida, but a recent count raises its numbers to around 80.

Web Links

Florida Panther Society
Learn what is being done to save the Florida panther and return it to a self-sustaining population.

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, Status of Listed Species and Recovery Plan Development: Florida Panther
This site explains the current status of Florida panthers and outlines efforts to secure their future.

Free World Map

“America’s Great Wild Cat.” National Geographic WORLD (January 1985), 4-8.

Maehr, David S. The Florida Panther: Life and Death of a Vanishing Carnivore. Island Press, 1997.

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