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Crucible of the Gods

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Black Sea Cultures Zoom In 2

A Grim Inheritance
Photograph by Randy Olson

To atone for the sins of their ancestors, two men bring two sheep to sacrifice in a field near Roshka in the republic of Georgia. One man atones because an ancestor cut down a sacred tree in a forest where the local khati, or god, was believed to dwell. The other man repents for an ancestor who, during a business dispute in the 1800s, burned several houses—killing a man and incinerating sacred khati land. Once each year they offer sacrifices for sins they did not commit yet can never forget.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Leica M6
Film Type: Fujichrome Provia 100
Lens: 28mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/125 @ f/8

Weather Conditions: Sunny
Time of Day: 10 a.m.
Lighting Techniques: Fill strobe

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