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Retail Therapy
Photograph by Ira Block

Designer Issey Miyake’s new Hudson Street boutique, ten blocks north of ground zero, was set to open September 12. It opened just a month later. “We had to open,” explains Miyake’s Stephanie Phair. “We had clothes to sell, and they have a shelf life.” Business has been good so far. “People have been very supportive,” says Phair. “But in the end, you can’t depend on good intentions. Our customers come here for the clothes.”

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Leica M6
Film Type: Fujichrome Provia 100
Lens: 28mm
Speed and F-Stop: Unrecorded
Weather Conditions: Indoors
Time of Day: Unrecorded
Lighting Techniques: I combined natural light with a flash fill.

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