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Death on the Nile

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City of the Dead
Photograph by Kenneth Garrett

Near the foot of the pyramid tomb of King Teti, who died about 2323 B.C., archaeologists explore the graves of the ruler’s relatives and high officials. This is one part of the cemetery now known as Saqqara, where for almost the entire 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian civilization the rich and powerful prepared their final resting places. Trusting in an afterlife, they erected enduring funerary complexes—tomb chambers cut into the bedrock, capped with chapels of mud brick or stone—and equipped them with magical texts and offerings for eternity.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Nikon F5
Film Type: Fujichrome Provia
Lens: 17-35mm Nikkor zoom
Speed and F-Stop: 1/ 30 @ f/11
Weather Conditions: Cool and foggy
Time of Day: 7:30 a.m.
Lighting Techniques: Natural light

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