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Hotspot: New Zealand

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Photograph by Frans Lanting

This “bird” has terrific wheels—but it could use some personality. It’s a decoy female kakapo remotely controlled by Joanne Joice, Whenua Hou Nature Reserve program officer, who guides the fake bird across the forest floor in an attempt (above) to attract the real thing: a mate. This experiment was part of a failed effort to find males for artificial insemination and breeding programs. But other efforts to protect this highly endangered species offer some hope: The 2002 breeding season added 24 chicks to the ranks.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Nikon
Film Type: Fujichrome
Lens: 18mm
Speed and F-Stop: Unrecorded
Weather Conditions: Unrecorded
Time of Day:
Lighting Techniques: Fill-in flash

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