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Leaders of the Pack
Photograph by Catherine Karnow

“You have to have pretty thick skin to sit at this table,” says Jim Fetzik, at right. He’s been eating lunch and playing hearts with the same guys at Hibbing Taconite Company—the town’s largest employer—for some 25 years. Part of the maintenance mechanic team, the group has been dubbed the “alpha males” by their fellow miners. “Probably because we’re always dirty from fixing the shovels and drills, we’re not religious about shaving, and we don’t always respect the rules,” says Fetzik.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Nikon
Film Type: Ektachrome 200
Lens: 20-35mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/15 @ f/5.6
Weather Conditions: Indoors
Time of Day: Noon
Lighting Techniques: I used a fill-in flash, and bounced it off the ceiling.

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