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October 2002

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Death on the Nile Death on the Nile

Conspiracy, murder, revenge—it’s all at Saqqara, a cemetery of ancient Egypt’s rich and powerful.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of the pharaohs’ holy burial ground.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Uncover tales of ancient Egyptian murder and intrigue with A. R. Williams in this multimedia interview.

Highlight: FORUM Ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to ensure a place in the afterlife. How does your concept of life after death influence your funerary preparations? Enter>>
Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Bay

In Japan all roads lead to Tokyo Bay. But the nation’s hub is being strangled by pollution and relentless development.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of Tokyo Bay.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Join the bustle of life on Tokyo Bay with these video clips of Japanese culture and community.

Highlight: ONLINE EXTRA Learn how in 1853 Commodore Matthew Perry forced Japan to open its borders to U.S. relations.

Saving Places Saving Places

They need a world of support, and they’ve got it. Today 730 World Heritage sites find salvation in the United Nations.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of World Heritage sites.

Highlight: FORUM To further protect cultural treasures, some UNESCO officials suggest putting pressure on offending countries. But what if the destruction is carried out by their own leaders? How can we safeguard cultural symbols? Enter>>
Hotspot: New Zealand Hotspot: New Zealand

What happens when an archipelago populated by bizarre flightless birds is invaded by alien species?

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of New Zealand.

Highlight: SIGHTS & SOUNDS Experience the wonder and oddity of New Zealand’s flightless birds and other unique creatures.

Highlight: AUDIO Listen to the booms, cackles, and trills of New Zealand’s menagerie of unusual birds.

Highlight: WALLPAPER Hold very still! This meat-eating living fossil is the first of four New Zealand images to grace your desktop this month.
In Focus: West Bank In Focus: The West Bank
Occupied since 1967, the heartland of a future Palestinian state is a breeding ground for despair.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of the West Bank and Gaza.

Highlight: FORUM What should be done to put an end to the violence in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel? How should such moves be implemented? Enter>>

Highlight: ONLINE EXTRA  Examine developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Andrew Cockburn’s update.
Istanbul on Edge Istanbul on Edge

Anxiety fills Turkey’s biggest city: The economy is volatile, secularism is under fire, and an earthquake is coming.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of Istanbul.

Highlight: POSTCARD E-greet a friend with this image of a vintage postcard.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Tour the streets of Istanbul, where hospitality stands strong even amid fragile shelters "that wouldn’t hold up to an earthquake."

ZipUSA: Hibbing, Minnesota ZipUSA: Hibbing, Minnesota

A mining town produced a legendary artist, but Bob Dylan has been a "Long Time Gone."

Highlight: NOMINATE your favorite zip and postal codes for this magazine series. Enter>>

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