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October 2002

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A New Chapter in Maya History: All-out War, Shifting Alliances, Bloody Sacrifices

Deep in the rain forest of Guatemala last year, something—maybe a falling tree—exposed stone hieroglyphs on the stairs of an ancient pyramid at the Maya ruin of Dos Pilas. Now those previously unknown glyphs have been translated, and their story of a protracted war may help explain the downfall of a civilization at the height of its glory.

— A. R. Williams

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The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.
Read about Maya hierogylphs and find additional links and resources from an organization that recently helped provide emergency funding for the Dos Pilas project.

Guatemala Web
Get information on traveling to “the heart of the Maya world.”

Free World Map

Demarest, Arthur A. “The Violent Saga of a Maya Kingdom,” National Geographic (February 1993), 95-111.

Stuart, George, and Gene S. Stuart. Lost Kingdoms of the Maya. National Geographic Society, 1993.

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