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Unmasking Skin

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Fair Maiden
Photograph by Sarah Leen

Milky white skin and flaxen hair are telltale signs of albinism in college student Laura Aisling Miller. One in 17,000 persons of all races in the U.S. has some type of albinism, having inherited this genetic trait in which melanocytes, or melanin-producing cells, make less than the usual amount of pigment. The condition may also impair vision. Physical aspects of albinism can pale in comparison with the less tangible challenges of living with the trait in a world preoccupied with appearances.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Nikon F100
Film Type: Fujichrome Velvia 50
Lens: Nikkor 35mm
Speed and F-Stop: Unrecorded
Weather Conditions: Indoors
Time of Day: Unrecorded
Lighting Techniques: At National Geographic's photo studio, I put several softboxes behind me and put my subject against a white wall.

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