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November 2002

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Caught in the Act: Anaconda

A picture worth a thousand words to science: A fish is killed by a green anaconda in a stream in central Brazil—an event few have witnessed. Adult female anacondas can ambush birds, rodents, and caimans, but even agile young anacondas aren't quick enough to capture fish. This fish had been injured by another fish before the snake's fatal squeeze. Even so, the photo was an eye-opener for Venezuelan researcher Jesús Rivas. "In ten years I have never seen an anaconda constricting a fish."

— John L. Eliot

Web Links

University of Michigan's Animal Diversity Web$narrative.html
Find out about the green anaconda, including its characteristics, behavior, and feeding habits.

Jesús Rivas's Web Site
Learn more about Rivas's research on anacondas, iguanas, and other reptiles.

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Rivas, Jesús. "Tracking the Anaconda," National Geographic (January 1999), 62-69.

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