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100 Best Wildlife Photos
December 2002

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Sights & Sounds
of Hawai'i


The Search for PT109

Image: The search for PT109

See video footage of the underwater wreckage of what experts
believe is PT 109. Listen to Edward Kennedy, then join
the forum

December 2002 Features



The Sahara

PT 109


Snowy Owls

Corner, VA
Sights and Sounds of Hawai'i
Sights and Sounds of Hawai'i
Experience the passions of today's Hawaiians as they reach back to the past to define the future.

Surviving the Sahara
Follow a caravan across the unforgiving
desert, an impossible journey without camels.
Then browse our photo gallery and e-greet a
friend with a dromedary.
Surviving the Sahara
Surviving the Sahara

Flashback Flashback
to 1934 when students in New York
built their
own desert.
Watch a snowy
owl in flight,
decorate your
desktop with a
Blockbuster Bird!
Blockbuster Bird!

A New Day in Kabul A New Day in Kabul
Watch women's publishing
take off in Kabul. Learn how
international journalists are
helping them establish a free
press. Then join our forum.

Global Getaways Match Wits
Our French
editor shares
his favorite

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