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The Hawaiians

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The Palette of Paradise
Photograph by Adriel Heisey

Pacific blue rolls and swirls from navy and royal to turquoise and aqua. Shelves of iron-rich rock jut toward the sea, some coal dark, others oxidized to a brilliant orange. But one startling brush stroke of color has made this small beach on Hawai'i world famous: Tiny crystals of olivine, eroded out of rocks hurled from the depths of the Earth by the Big Island's volcanoes, tint the sand green.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Pentax 645N
Film Type: E100VS 220, push-processed one stop
Lens: 80mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/1000 @ f/6.7

Weather Conditions: Clear, sunny skies
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Lighting Techniques: Natural light
Special Equipment: I flew in an ultralight airplane and mounted my camera on a gyro stabilizer.

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