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see caption Forging Ahead

Engulfed by a sea of sand, a camel caravan struggles to find its way across southern Libya's unforgiving Sahara.

Photograph by Carsten Peter
From Surviving the Sahara, National Geographic magazine, December 2002

see caption Baby Face

Not yet fully feathered, a young snowy owl levels a steady gaze from behind its fluffy coat.

Photograph by Daniel J. Cox
From Snowy Owls, National Geographic magazine, December 2002

see caption Vertical Horizon

The knife-edge cliffs and valleys of Na Pali Coast, Hawai'i, are whetted by waterfalls and swift-flowing streams.

Photograph by Adriel Heisey
The Hawaiians,National Geographic magazine, December 2002

see caption A holiday gift you will enjoy all year long....

Membership in the National Geographic Society has been presented to you with warm wishes.

Photograph by Michael Yamashita

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