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January 2003

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Sights & Sounds
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January 2003 Features

Great Wall

Ol Doinyo Lengai


Egyptian Museum


Winter Wildlife

Athens, Ohio
Sights and Sounds of Japan's Winter Wildlife
Sights and Sounds of Japan's Winter Wildlife
Experience Japan—one of the snowiest places on Earth—where hot springs and white peaks are matched in beauty by its wild creatures.

Chasing the Wall Chasing the Wall
Get travel tips for your own adventure. Delve into the discovery of a new section of wall. And join our forum.

Looking Back Looking Back
This time last year we'd gone to the dogs!
Go back to January 2002.

In 1939 Firestone introduced undergarments made from rubber yarn.

Watch Cary Wolinsky use
dancers, cows, and more to
get his high-tech photos. Then stretch your imagination and share your thoughts on our forum board.

Japan's Winter Wildlife Hear the calls of red-crowned cranes and other members of
Japan's Winter Wildlife
Global Getaways
See what traditions made our Polish editor's favorites list.
Global Getaways

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Goat Silk?
Genetically altered goats are producing spider silk! Is genetic manipulation of animals ethical?


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