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Wedding Gift
Photograph by Meredith Davenport

Celebrating an impending marriage, women sing after delivering the groom's gift—30 pots of porridge—to the family of the bride in a village near Kauda. During the past century, some Nuba customs have changed because of the growing influence of Islam, to which about half the Nuba have converted. Traditionally these women would bring the bride's family marisa, or sorghum beer. Now, in keeping with Muslim customs, they sometimes offer a nonalcoholic alternative.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Canon EOS IN
Film Type: Kodak Supra 100
Lens: 17-35mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/500 @ f/8

Weather Conditions: Hazy
Time of Day: 3 p.m.
Lighting Techniques: Natural light

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