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February 2003

NGM online: the past seven years.

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Final Edit
The picture rescued from the cutting room floor.

A photo from the past; browse our archives.

Global Getaways
International editors'
top five must-dos.

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Nominate your favorite for coverage in the magazine.

Match Wits...
with the Editor; preview next month's issue.

Links and resources
on global issues.

Sights & Sounds
of Shattered Sudan.


Galaxies in Motion

Image: Galaxy in Motion

See the simulated birth of a galaxy; take
a virtual flight through a galactic heart; and then watch what happens when galaxies collide.

February 2003 Features





CRE Report: Knots

Sea Vents

Pacific Suite

ZipUSA: Driggs, ID
Sights and Sounds of Shattered Sudan
Sights and Sounds of Shattered Sudan
Walk the front lines of a
war-ravaged nation and meet the
people who survive there.

Searching for Sacagawea Searching for Sacagawea
Learn about the life of Sacagawea's
son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau,
in Online Extra. Then go to our
forum board and tell us about the
remarkable women in your life.

Pacific Suite Put wolves and whales on your desktop;
visit our
photo gallery.
Pacific Suite
This time last year...
Mt. Etna blew its
top. Look back to
the February 2002 issue.
This time last year...

Nuba Diaries
Enter the world of Sudan's Nuba, outcasts in their own country. Meredith Davenport chronicles her time with them with readings from her diaries.
Nuba Diaries

Sea Vents Explore the world of black smokers in this online interview.Sea Vents Sea Vents Flashback
Is he posed with a prop? Or did this early 1900s hunter catch
this eagle?

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Photo of the Month

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