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Puerto Rican Rainbow

Girls' formal dresses dry in early-morning sunshine near the inland Puerto Rican town of Utuado.

Photograph by Amy Toensing
From "Final Edit,"  National Geographic magazine, March 2003

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Incubators of Biodiversity

Saltwater lakes in the Micronesian island nation of Palau may be the breeding ground of new species.

Photograph by Tim Laman
From "Hotspot: Islands of the Pacific," National Geographic magazine, March 2003

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To Serve Man

Society records don't reveal whether this Fiji Islands cannibal fork, depicted in an archival photograph acquired in 1917, was the real McCoy or a decoy. (In the latter case, it would have been fabricated to sate tourist demand for paraphernalia related to cannibalism.)

Photograph by Robert A. Bachmann
From  "Flashback," National Geographic magazine, March 2003

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