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April 2003

We invite you to speak your mind on these hot topics and global issues plucked from the pages of National Geographic magazine. For more on the subject go to the online feature page, or read the April issue of NGM.

Paradox Island Forum Thumbnail

Paradox Island

Part of France for the last 234 years, the island of Corsica maintains more than just a physical distance from the mother country. A persistent and violent separatist movement—hinged to a call throughout France for the government to decentralize—has made its way to the top of the country's political agenda. What are the pros and cons of Corsica becoming an independent nation? Enter>>

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Jane in the Forest Again

Conservationists are moving to protect thousands of chimpanzees in Congo's Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, including some so isolated that they have no fear of humans. But Congo is an impoverished country with limited resources. Congolese who eat bush meat are now restricted to hunting animals outside the park's boundaries. How can countries like Congo reconcile the conflicting needs of animals and an impoverished population? Enter>>

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ZipUSA: 30904

It took a show of force by golf's governing body to get Augusta National Golf Club, annual host of the Masters Tournament, to admit black members in 1990. Now the elite club is resisting a move to include women. As a private organization, it is legally allowed to include or exclude whomever it chooses, but when does a group have a social obligation to go beyond the letter of the law? Enter>>

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Hip Zips

Nominate your favorite zip or postal code for coverage in the pages of National Geographic. Our magazine series—ZipUSA—takes a periodic peek at special corners of the country by zip code. We like the concept so much that we're going global and extending our stories to include international postal codes as well. So describe a weird, wacky, wonderful locale of your own choosing—it just might make it into the magazine—and read postings from other folks too. Enter>>



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