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May 2003

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Sights & Sounds
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View From the Top
View From the Top

Explore the rugged region surrounding Mount Everest with a 360-degree view from its summit.

May 2003 Features




Kentucky Horse

Maya Treasures

Detroit, MI
Sights and Sounds of The Sherpas
Sights and Sounds of The Sherpas
Explore the top of the world,
meet the people who live there, and learn about Sir Edmund Hillary's
lifelong passion for the region.

Taking on Everest Taking on Everest
Who says you can't move mountains? Maneuver a digital image of Everest for a look from all sides. Then follow routes to the top in a 3-D movie.

Bug Love Hear from
the Mayflies
about the
spring fling.
Bug Love
Kentucky Horse Country Kentucky Horse Country
Get an update on equine miscarriages and the 2003 foaling season.

American Summit American Summit
Follow the first Americans to make it to the top of Everest and read climber Barry Bishop's 1963 account. Then see President John F. Kennedy present the Hubbard Medal to the team.

E-greet a Friend
Premier climber Ed Viesturs describes the physical toll of climbing.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man

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