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Magnificent Mountain

Mount Everest looms white and jagged in the wash of twilight.

Photograph by Robb Kendrick
From Everest, National Geographic, May 2003

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Fast Food

Mayflies, dead and alive, make easy pickings for a hungry kingfisher.

Photograph by József L. Szentpéteri
From Mayflies, National Geographic, May 2003

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And Chico Makes Three

Anne Cary Maudslay, wife of English archaeologist Alfred Maudslay, gets a close-up view of an eighth-century Maya stela near at Quiriguá, Guatemala, in 1894. While her husband worked, she kept busy with different things, including a baby squirrel she adopted and named Chico. 

Photograph courtesy the British Museum, London
From Aguateca, National Geographic, May 2003

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