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Peru's Highway of Dreams

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Maria Stenzel

Peru's Highway of Dreams On Assignment

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Ted Conover

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Photographs from Maria Stenzel (top) and by Margot Guralnick


Peru's Highway of Dreams

Field Notes From Photographer
Maria Stenzel
Best Worst Quirkiest
    As we were climbing up the road to reach a high altitude, we came upon these great streams and waterfalls flowing down off the hillside. On another day when we were driving up, it was just so hot that we hopped out of the car and climbed into the waterfalls. They were literally four steps from the car door. We opened the door, walked right in, and soaked in the cold mountain water with our clothes on.

    It was terribly hot in the rain forest. Being inside the car was nearly unbearable. We rigged the roof rack so I could shoot pictures from outside. The only relief I had from being inside this metal box with no air conditioning was when I climbed on the roof and rode in the wind.

    The huge change of elevation on the road made it hard to stay comfortable. In one day you can drive up from the tropical humidity of the rain forest to an alpine climate at 15,000 feet (4,600 meters). When we started out at a high altitude, we were peeling off all our clothes by the end of the day. We left wearing long underwear, down jackets, and hats. But by day's end we just wanted to be in T-shirts and shorts.

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