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Night Moves
Photograph by Cary Wolinsky

Photographer Cary Wolinsky was "a little out of place" at Teen Night at the Atlantic Connection club, a no-alcohol event for the younger set in Oak Bluffs. "I was in a crowd of teenage kids with lots of exposed belly buttons and raging hormones," says Wolinsky. "But once I found the hams—the girls that loved to dance and loved the camera—I was golden." Still, he was relieved to get out of there. "No doubt most of them were glad to see me go," he says.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Nikon D1x
Film Type: Digital
Lens: 17-35mm zoom
Speed and F-Stop: 1 second @ f/28

Weather Conditions: Hot and humid
Time of Day: Night
Lighting Techniques: Fill flash
Special Equipment or Comments: The technique that has become known as "flash and burn" is really two photographs in one. In this case the shutter opened and a one second exposure takes in the dark room with colored lights. I purposely moved the camera while the shutter was open to get a blur of color to add a sense of movement to the scene. While the shutter is open, the on-camera flash lights the dancers freezing them in the highspeed burst of light. The picture made by the flash is really a second picture superimposed on the blur-of-color background. The effect is hard to predict. The ability to immediately see the image produced by the digital camera takes a lot of the anxiety out of the process.

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