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June 2003

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This Time Last Year...

This Time Last Year...

We probed the sweet mystery of flowering plants in "The Big Bloom", a story appearing in 2003's Best American Science Writing.

June 2003 Features


Boundary Waters


Harbor Porpoises

Peru's Highway

Killer Caterpillars

Scythian Gold

Oak Bluffs, MA
Baghdad on the Brink
Baghdad on the Brink
Since pre-invasion days to the
aftermath of war, photographer Alexandra Boulat has been inside Baghdad. Hear her stories and listen to her audio reports. Then join our forum.

Untouchable Untouchable
How do you enter the world of a people deemed sub-human? Photographer Bill Allard tells you. See footage on India's Bhangis. Then join our forum.

Match Wits with the Editor Match Wits with the Editor
Guess what image will grace next month's cover?
Hear them grunt and chitter, and see one attack its prey.
Killer Caterpillars
Killer Caterpillars

Boundary Waters Boundary Waters
Pack your gear and head to the
serenity of Minnesota and Canada's wilderness border, where rain-washed light reflects off silver lakes. And don't forget these travel tips.

Siberia's Scythians Discover the warriors with an artist's flair for gold.
Siberia's Scythians
Swimming to Safety
Swimming to Safety
Glimpse harbor porpoises via photos and field tales.

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What Price Freedom?
Was ousting Saddam Hussein's regime worth the deaths, destruction, and financial cost?


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