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Bohemian Rhapsody

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William Albert Allard

Bohemian Rhapsody On Assignment

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Cathy Newman

In most cases these accounts are edited versions of a spoken interview. They have not been researched and may differ from the printed article.

Photographs by Saadia Iqbal (top) and Brian Strauss


Bohemian Rhapsody

Field Notes From Photographer
William Albert Allard
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    I love Paris so much that anytime I'm there it's just wonderful. Spring is lovely. But fall has always been my favorite time of year, and it was beautiful in Paris. 
    I had a few days in January to scout out the neighborhoods. Some of the best 17th-century architecture is still there in the Marais. That, along with the vibrancy of the neighborhood, enhanced the atmosphere. It was like walking through a city of one-act plays.

    I've never had a time when I didn't enjoy Paris. The only thing the writer in me regrets is that I couldn't eavesdrop on conversations because I don't speak French. Paris is such a café culture. There was a lot of good conversation going on along the sidewalks and in the bistros that I couldn't tap into.

    During the first part of my coverage in January, I saw a man on the streets wearing a silk top hat, a black frock coat, and an ermine wrap draped around his shoulders. He looked as if he had stepped out of the 19th century. I saw him again when I returned, and had my interpreter ask the gentleman about his attire. He told us that he always wanted to live in the 1800s, so he decided to dress in the fashion all the time. Even his home is decorated in the period. What can I say? After all, this is Paris.

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