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August 2003

We invite you to speak your mind on these hot topics and global issues plucked from the pages of National Geographic magazine. For more on the subject go to the online feature page, or read the August issue of NGM.

Into the Amazon Forum Thumbnail

Into the Amazon

Brazilian explorer and social activist Sydney Possuelo had a mission: to locate his country's indigenous—and rarely seen—Flecheiros. He gathered as much information as possible on the boundaries of their territory, with the purpose of protecting their land from encroachment by non-natives. The people themselves, he insists, should remain uncontacted. But Possuelo, as well as his critics, believe development—and contact—are inevitable. What are the consequences of continued isolation of such people? What are the consequences of contact? Enter>>

Zimbabwe's Bitter Harvest Forum Thumbnail

Zimbabwe's Bitter Harvest

To many Zimbabweans, their government's program to addresss the disproportionate ownership of land between blacks and whites is a long-overdue means of righting a historical wrong, when whites took the best land from blacks more than a century ago. As a condition of independence from Britain, President Robert Mugabe agreed to transfer land to blacks by buying farms from white owners. Britain helped fund land reform until 1996 when its government withdrew their support, citing ineffectiveness of the program and widespread corruption. Then in 2000 Mugabe instituted an accelerated phase of land reform, refusing to compensate white farmers and forcing them—often violently—off acres they had worked for generations. Throughout Zimbabwe, fields now belonging to inexperienced or ill-equipped black farmers are devoid of activity. White farmers have been driven away while still owing millions of dollars to banks. And the southern African country that once fed its neighbors now struggles to feed its own. What should be the next steps for Zimbabwe? Enter>>

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ZipUSA: 15222

For late-night clubbers in Pittsburgh's Strip District, a Primanti Brothers's sandwich—a sizzling fistful of grilled meat, french fries, and coleslaw smashed between slices of fresh Italian bread—is the cuisine of choice. Locals call it the official Strip sandwich and declare it hard to beat. So, what food makes your zip code famous? Enter>>

Hip Zips Forum Thumbnail

Hip Zips

Nominate your favorite zip or postal code for coverage in the pages of National Geographic. Our magazine series—ZipUSA—takes a periodic peek at special corners of the country by zip code. We like the concept so much that we're going global and extending our stories to include international postal codes as well. So describe a weird, wacky, wonderful locale of your own choosing—it just might make it into the magazine—and read postings from other folks too. Enter>>



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