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9/11 - Revisit Sanctuary at Ground Zero.
September 2003

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Human Trade Map

Human Trade Map

Track slavery worldwide with this interactive map. Find out how different nations are dealing with the issue, then learn more in our
photo gallery.

September 2003 Features

21st-Century Slaves


Peruvian Mummy

Gabon Parks

Deep Science

Diary of a War

ZipUSA: Portland,OR
21st-Century Slaves 21st-Century Slaves
Find out from slavery expert Kevin Bales what three things can end this cruelest commerce. Then join the Forum.

Sights & Sounds - Diary of a War Sights & Sounds - Diary of a War
Photographer Alexandra Boulat captured daily life in Iraq before, during, and after the bombing. Experience the streets of Baghdad with her.

Deep Science Deep Science
Go inside this
undersea lab.
Then hear the
take on it.
Anup Shah
the restless
world of
Born to Roam
Born to Roam

Saving Africa's Eden Saving Africa's Eden
Slog across the saturated soil of Gabon's parks with ecologist Mike Fay and observe its naive wildlife. Then join our Forum discussion.

Sights & Sounds - Megatransect 2001 Go back to
Mike Fay's
2001 trek
across Africa.
Sights & Sounds - Megatransect 2001
Diary of a War Diary of a War
A veteran war photo-
journalist reads from her diary.

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Taking a Stand
Do you think that you may own goods, such as rugs, that were made by child slave labor?


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