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Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) Hang On, Baby!

A baby orangutan learns early to keep a tight grip when swinging through the trees with its mother. In Borneo's Gunung Palung National Park, where orangutans face extinction in the next 20 years, newborn apes are celebrated as hope for the future.

Photograph by Tim Laman
From Orangutans: Field Dispatch Borneo, National Geographic magazine, October 2003

Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) What a Relief

Its old powers of protection may have worked favorably for this ancient Assyrian deity: It remained undamaged when Baghdad's Iraq Museum was looted last April. The gypsum relief, which once watched over a gate of King Sargon II's palace in the late eighth century B.C. in what is now the city of Khorsabad, was uncovered in the 1930s after being buried for centuries.

Photograph courtesy Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
From Flashback, National Geographic magazine, October 2003

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