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Gold That Swims
The northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) may be the most financially valuable wild animal on Earth.

Value of one adult northern bluefin tuna: Often over $10,000, although one prime specimen is reported to have sold for $173,000.

Weight of one adult northern bluefin tuna: Typically 250 to 300 pounds (110 to 100 kilograms). World record is 1,496 (700 kilograms). Size of large tunas has decreased due to overfishing.

How bluefins are bought: Brokers usually buy tunas on New England docks directly from fishermen. The fish are immediately frozen, then shipped by air to Japan for auction in wholesale seafood markets like Tokyo's giant Tsukiji market, the center of the tuna trade.

Price of one order (two thin slices) of bluefin sushi in a Tokyo restaurant: Around $100.

Why is October 10 Tuna Day in Japan? Because the Japan Tuna cooperative says so. The date coincides with the writing of a poem about tuna published in an eighth-century work named Manyoshu.

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