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November 2003

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Watching You Thumbnail Watching You

In our high-tech world, machines track personal records, see through walls, and screen facial features. Will electronic surveillance mean better security, or an end to privacy?

MULTIMEDIA Take a look at how facial recognition technology works.

MULTIMEDIA See how satellite surveillance can zero in on designated zones anywhere on Earth.

FORUM Who determines when surveillance intrudes too deeply? How much access to private citizens should governments and corporations have? How much privacy are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of security? Enter>>

ONLINE EXTRA Find out how surveillance technology on the U.S.-Mexico border has caused some unintended consequences.
Afghanistan Thumbnail Afghanistan

A nation shattered by wars, droughts, and earthquakes looks for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the demographics of Afghanistan's ethnic groups.

MULTIMEDIA Hear photographer Steve McCurry's perspective on changes in post-Taliban Afghanistan.

FORUM Armed warlords and other factions beyond Kabul continue to undermine the efforts of Afghanistan's central government. How can the peace desired by average Afghans be achieved? Enter>>

ONLINE EXTRA Learn about Parvaz, the first full-color magazine for Afghan children, and how it balances serious issues with the lighter side of life.

WALLPAPER Adorn your desktop with the intricate elegance of the Hazrat Ali mosque in Mazar-e Sharif.
The Sun God's Treasurer Thumbnail The Sun God's Treasurer

A lavish tomb records the rise and fall of a heretical pharaoh and the staying power of a savvy CFO.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map pinpointing the location of the royal treasurer's tomb.
Cuba's Wild Side Thumbnail Cuba's Wild Side

Known more for its music and politics than for its wildlife, Cuba in fact teems with unusual species, from tiny frogs and orchids to particularly feisty crocodiles.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of Cuba.

VIDEO Catch a flamingo fly-over, and find out why orange spray paint comes in handy when tracking Cuban crocodiles in this footage from the field.

MULTIMEDIA Photographer Steve Winter talks about his quest for Cuba's endemic species.

FORUM How can Cuba balance the need for developing tourism with protecting its environment? What will happen to its environment once the U.S. embargo is lifted? Enter>>

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Experience the lush world  of Cuba's wildlife.
Burma Road Thumbnail Burma Road

Allied forces endured disease, monsoons, and Japanese attacks to build the infamous 1,100-mile (1,800-kilometer) supply line that still winds through three nations—and old soldiers' memories.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the Burma Road.

FINAL EDIT Rescued from the cutting room floor is this month's Final Edit, a statue of the Hindu goddess Kali, lording over other deities outside a shop in Ledo, India.
Yellowstone and the Tetons Thumbnail Yellowstone and the Tetons

Crowning the National Parks system, this grand expanse of jutting mountains, steaming geysers, and manifold animals stirs the soul.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of these adjoining wonderlands.

ONLINE EXTRA Tap into travel tips for year-round adventure in these panoramic national parks.

POSTCARDS E-greet a friend with an image of a herd of bison warming themselves in the roiling steam of Lower Geyser Basin.

FLASHBACK to 1953 when the children of National Geographic author and photographer Ralph Gray got closer than the law allows, at least today, to one of Yellowstone's bears.

POLL Vote on whether snowmobiles should be allowed in state and national parks.
ZipUSA: 58102 Thumbnail ZipUSA: 58102

Fargo, the 1996 movie, was filled with quirky characters and lots of snow. The film got the snow right, but North Dakota's largest city has a personality all its own.

NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choices for this magazine series. Enter>>



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