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December 2003

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The Future of Flying Thumbnail The Future of Flying

The airplane has come a long way in its first hundred years. Fasten your seat belt for a high-tech ride into the next century of flight.

INTERACTIVE FEATURES Build your own Wright flyer piece by piece. Get a 3-D look from all angles of famous aircraft such as World War II's P-51 Mustang, the Boeing 707, Lockheed's SR-71 spy plane, and the supersonic F/A-22 Raptor; then fly into the future with a view of NASA's unmanned X-43.

MULTIMEDIA Air Force historian Richard Hallion's describes his top five choices for the 20th century's most significant airplanes.

FORUM Given the push for better airline customer service and advancing computer technology, what innovations would you like to see in commercial air transportation and aviation in general? Enter>>

ONLINE EXTRA Find out what "firsts" made aviators Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart famous. View vintage photos of early aviation. And discover what flight predictions National Geographic published in its pages 50 years ago.

FLASHBACK to November 1947 when the ConvAirCar, a hybrid auto-plane, buzzed through the skies of San Diego in a trial flight.
Tango Thumbnail Tango

Full of yearning and lament, the tango is perfect therapy for a nation still stinging from economic loss.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the roots of tango.

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Explore the sensuous world of tango.

FINAL EDIT Rescued from the cutting room floor is this month's final edit, an image of a dancer's signature move, executed with intense simplicity.

FEATURE PRESENTATION Inspired by his own coverage, photographer Pablo Corral Vega with Pocho Alvarez filmed this short documentary on the allure of tango. Join him at his favorite haunts in night-loving Buenos Aires.
Eye on Infinity Thumbnail Eye on Infinity

The steadfast Hubble Space Telescope takes the long view of space and time as it orbits the Earth, transmitting images of astronomical beauty and import.

ANIMATIONS Experience a warped galaxy, the birth and death of stars, and other mysteries of deep space.

FORUM With the human cost of sending people into space, should NASA rely more heavily on unmanned alternatives for exploration? Enter>>
Hot Pink Thumbnail Hot Pink

Its candy color and stick legs might make it seem delicate, but Africa's lesser flamingo is one tough bird.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of lesser flamingos' African range.

FORUM What's the fascination with pink flamingos as yard art? What's the most unusual piece of garden art you've ever seen? And what are your favorite bits of outdoor ornament lore? Enter>>

POSTCARDS Your friends will be head-over-heels with this hot pink e-greeting of a flamingo's upside down style of eating.

POLL Yard art: What's your preference—pink flamingos or garden gnomes?

WALLPAPER After they've dined on spirulina algae, this trio of flamingos will be ready to wade across your desktop.
The Samurai Way Thumbnail The Samurai Way

In everything from martial arts to tea ceremonies, the storied warriors of Japan remain a potent presence. Many Japanese just can't stop searching for their inner samurai.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the extent of samurai rule.

INTERACTIVE ART Zoom in on the action depicted in an antique painting of the siege of Osaka Castle when 400,000 samurai clashed in a battle to the death.
ZipUSA: 67210 Thumbnail ZipUSA: 67210

A modern-day version of Rosie the Riveter is still hard at work in Wichita, Kansas, where aviation has long been the biggest business in town.

NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choices for this magazine series. Enter>>



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