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January 2004

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A Mars Never
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Global Getaways

Global Getaways

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rates his five
favorite traditions.

January 2004 Features

Mars Revisited
Himba People
Star Search
Himalayan Sanctuary
Arctic Ice
ZipUSA: Basin, MT
Sights and Sounds of A Mars Never Dreamed OfSights and Sounds of A Mars Never Dreamed Of
Sights and Sounds of A Mars Never Dreamed Of Experience "A Mars
Never Dreamed
Of." Then explore
its terrain rock by
and view
animations of
future Mars

Himba People Himba People
Explore the world of Namibia's Himba, where women painted in ocher coax spirits with song and dance. Anthropologist David Crandall narrates.

Himalayan Sanctuary Listen to the chanting of the monks and nuns of this remote valley.
Himalayan Sanctuary
That Smarts! That Smarts!
Watch capuchins smash nuts—and a thumb—with rock tools.

Artic Ice Arctic Ice
Journey into the cold zone with polar bears, sea creatures, and under-the-ice explorers. Then e-greet a friend with an image of Arctic thaw.

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Life on Mars?
Is there life in the
ancient ice of Mars?


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