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January 2004

We invite you to speak your mind on these hot topics and global issues plucked from the pages of National Geographic magazine. For more on the subject go to the online feature page, or read the January issue of NGM.

My Seven Forum Thumbnail My Seven

For underwater photographer David Doubilet, it's hard to beat the rich coral reefs of Papua, New Guinea's Milne Bay, the darting antics of sea lions at Hopkins Island, South Australia, and the excitement of watching the rush of hungry seals, dolphins, and other predators in the wake of a sardine run off the South African coast. These are just a few of Doubilet's favorite dive spots. Whether you dive deep or snorkel, what are your favorite spots? Enter>>

Mars Forum Thumbnail Mars

Scientists have long known about ice at the Martian poles. But now they are finding remnants of water ice at mid and low latitudes, and some suspect that it is moving around, reshaping the surface. There may even be occasional occurrences of liquid water, imperative for life as we know it. Given the evidence, how likely is it that life exists on Mars? And if there is life on Mars, what are the implications for intelligent life existing somewhere other than Earth? Enter>>

Zip: Basin, MT Forum Thumbnail Zip: Basin, MT

Year after year people head to the old silver and gold mines in tiny Basin, Montana, to inhale naturally emitted radon gas. And if that isn't enough, some immerse themselves in pools of cold—very cold—radioactive water. Some even drink the water. Why? Because they believe the mines' radioactivity loosens and soothes painful arthritic joints, clears up cataracts, and cures a host of other ailments. Despite warnings of cancer risks from some in the medical community, believers just keep on coming. What 's the most unusual miracle cure you've heard of? And has one healed you? Enter>>

Hip Zips Forum Thumbnail Hip Zips

Nominate your favorite zip or postal code for coverage in the pages of National Geographic. Our magazine series—ZipUSA—takes a periodic peek at special corners of the country by zip code. We like the concept so much that we're going global and extending our stories to include international postal codes as well. So describe a weird, wacky, wonderful locale of your own choosing—it just might make it into the magazine—and read postings from other folks too. Enter>>



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