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   February 2004

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Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) All Fired Up

A semblance of modular furniture possibly reaching back to the Han dynasty, the kang—a masonry platform—served as a seat by day and a warm bed by night. Smoldering coals beneath a brick surface generated heat around the clock.

Photograph by A. Segers
From Flashback, National Geographic magazine, February 2004

Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) Riding Bareback

At three months old, this polar bear cub is old enough to walk on its own. But a long lazy ride on its mother's back is just a little too tempting. And she's not complaining.

Photograph by Norbert Rosing
From Polar Bears, National Geographic magazine, February 2004

Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) Quiet Time

Blurred lines and shades of blue paint a tranquil picture of an egret wading near shell-laden rocks on Florida's Sanibel Island.

Photograph by Peter Essick
From Carbon Cycle, National Geographic magazine, February 2004

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