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April 2004

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Chasing Tornadoes Thumbnail Chasing Tornadoes

Stalking the funnel clouds that rip through America's heartland, a National Geographic team gets in close for a terrifying look at the workings of the deadly storms.

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Speed into the path of an oncoming tornado with storm researcher Tim Samaras, photographer Carsten Peter, and National Geographic Ultimate Explorer correspondent Lisa Ling and see up close footage of an F4 tornado.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of twister-scarred Tornado Alley and other world regions threatened by these destructive windstorms.

MULTIMEDIA Houses obliterated. Telephone polls snapped below ground. Fences stripped of barbed wire.  Storm researcher Tim Samaras and photographer Carsten Peter share their adventures on the edge of one of nature's most destructive forces. 

VIDEO If there's anything storm chasers need to know, it's when to run.

FORUM Many of the storm chasers tearing down America's highways are doing it as a hobby; some are even tourists on expert-led tornado-chase trips. Due to the risks involved—car accidents, lightning, flying debris—should enthusiasts stay home and leave the tornado chasing to scientists? Enter>>

POSTCARD Put a friend in the race against a roaring tornado with an image from the storm chase.

POLL Cast your vote on whether you've got the guts to participate in a tornado chase.

Cranes Thumbnail Cranes

Symbols of luck and majesty, cranes have been called "wildness incarnate." But with wildness disappearing and their luck running out, the great birds are getting some help from scientists and self-described "craniacs."

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution world map showing the 15 crane species' migratory routes.

CRANE CAM LIVE Watch the legendary sandhill crane migration at Audubon's Rowe Sanctuary on Nebraska's Platte River. Then download wallpapers, browse a photo gallery, and more.

FORUM Migratory cranes journey the world each year, capturing the hearts of humans along the way with their beauty. What is it about these animals that captures the imagination so strongly? Share your thoughts and experiences. Enter>>

Q & A Submit your crane questions to Rowe Sanctuary biologist Paul Tebbel.

FINAL EDIT Rescued from the cutting room floor is this month's Final Edit, a close-up of a flamboyantly plumed crane.

Johannesburg Thumbnail Johannesburg

Ten years after apartheid, South Africa's boomtown wrestles with new freedoms and new fears. Will Jo'burg overcome its crimes—past and present—to lead Africa into the future?

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Armed bodyguards, bulletproof vests, and locals who couldn't believe he was foolish enough to even walk the streets. Learn why Johannesburg was photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski's most dangerous assignment ever.

Badlands Thumbnail Badlands

South Dakota's stark buttes and wind-roiled grasslands are more bountiful than bad, harboring bison, birds, and a hoard of fossils that illegal collectors can't resist.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of South Dakota's Badlands, Indian lands, grasslands, and other parks.

ONLINE EXTRA Badlands bound?  Check out our travel tips before planning your trip.

WALLPAPER Spread out the otherworldly landscape of South Dakota's Badlands on your desktop.

Valley of Death Thumbnail Valley of Death

In Myanmar's isolated Hukawng Valley the tiger was king of the jungle until poachers and gold miners moved in. Now plans are under way to restore its reign with the largest tiger sanctuary in the world.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the Hukawng Wildlife Sanctuary's current borders and of the proposed expansion.

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Venture into the Hukawng Valley in this video of an expedition to position cameras—trip wired with lasers—in the path of wildlife. Along the way, hear about photographer Steve Winter's troubles with leeches and quicksand, see tiger tracks and a python, and learn why elephants are the best way to travel in Myanmar.

FORUM How can mankind live in harmony with the natural world? Wherever you live—city, suburbs, rain forest—share your opinions on what works and what doesn't. Enter>>

ONLINE EXTRA Get an update on Alan Rabinowitz's progress in creating the world's largest tiger reserve.

POSTCARDS Send a friend an e-greeting of a young Asiatic leopard, one of the many animal species protected by the Hukawng Valley sanctuary.

ZipUSA: 04578 Thumbnail ZipUSA: 04578

The "prettiest village in Maine" has great lobster rolls, but Wiscasset's real specialty is foot-long worms.

NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choices for this magazine series. Enter>>



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