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   April 2004

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Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) In Harm's Way

Storm chasers tear down a South Dakota country road to stay in front of an F4 tornado. The National Geographic team came dangerously close to this telephone pole-snapping twister when placing weather-measuring probes in its path.

Photograph by Carsten Peter
From Chasing Tornadoes, National Geographic magazine, April 2004

Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) A Hunted Look

Having lost its mother to hunters supplying the traditional medicine trade, this Asiatic leopard cub faces an uncertain future in Myanmar's Hukawng Valley. If the existing wildlife sanctuary is expanded as planned, for-profit hunting will be banned throughout the valley.

Photograph by Steve Winter
From Valley of Death, National Geographic magazine, April 2004

Postcard Thumbnail (see caption) Natural Beauty

A grey crowned crane displays the grace and majesty adored by "craniacs" the world over. Of the 15 species that make up the crane family, nine are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss.

Photograph by Konrad Wothe, Minden Pictures
From Final Edit, National Geographic magazine, April 2004

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