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ZipUSA: 33856

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Melba Newsome

ZipUSA: 33856 On Assignment

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David McLain

In most cases these accounts are edited versions of a spoken interview. They have not been researched and may differ from the printed article.

Photographs courtesy Melba Newsome (top) and David McLain


ZipUSA: 33856 On Assignment Author ZipUSA: 33856 On Assignment Author
ZipUSA: 33856

Field Notes From Author
Melba Newsome

Best Worst Quirkiest
    Nalcrest feels like the safest place on Earth and for good reason.  There's only one main gathering place—the town square—and, therefore, everybody gets to know everybody else very quickly. I was there only a few hours before the buzz went around that someone new was in town.  Luckily, most folks said I looked too young to be retiring.  The police keep a squad car parked near the entrance to the square to deter crime.  It seems to work since no one can recall a single crime committed in Nalcrest.

    Not only is Nalcrest located in central Florida—which isn't exactly known for its culture and variety, it's also located in the middle of nowhere in central Florida.  Even in the nearby town of Lake Wales, there is simply nothing to see or do. And dining is limited to fast-food joints and chain restaurants

    Ask any of the residents of Nalcrest, "What was your zip code?" and they'll immediately rattle off two: where they lived and where they delivered mail.  No matter how long they've been retired, it seems they never forget those five digits.


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