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Heavy Cost of Fat

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Cathy Newman

Fat On Assignment

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Karen Kasmauski

In most cases these accounts are edited versions of a spoken interview. They have not been researched and may differ from the printed article.

Photographs by Brian Strauss (top) and Karen Kasmauski


Fat On Assignment Author Fat On Assignment Author
Heavy Cost of Fat

Field Notes From Author
Cathy Newman

Best Worst Quirkiest
    I lost ten pounds (five kilograms) in the course of doing the story.

    I gained ten pounds (five kilograms) in the course of doing the story.

    The War of the Dueling Diet Doctors was clearly the most complex and astonishing part of the story. At times I felt like I was dealing with religious fanatics rather than scientists. Carbohydrates are OK. Carbohydrates are not OK. Calories don't count. Calories do count.
    To boot, there seemed to be a diet for every time frame: the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet. A diet for every faith: the What Would Jesus Eat? diet (big on loaves and fishes). And a diet for every epoch: the Paleo Diet—Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat. (Would you like your mastodon steak rare or medium well, sir?) It was enough to make you want to dive headfirst into a pint of Ben & Jerry's.


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