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Typical Town
Photograph by Robb Kendrick

Away from the ranches and rodeo arenas, Elko's Old West flavor becomes less pronounced. Commemorating another era in American history, a driver in a classic automobile show idles at the hotel-heavy intersection of Third and Idaho Streets—a generic corner of Elko's business district that looks no different from many other small U.S. cities. (The photograph appears backward because it was made with the tintype process, a historical medium that produces positive images on a sheet of iron.)

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: 8 x 10 view camera
Film Type: 5 x 7 metal plate
Lens: Holmes Booth and Hayden circa 1863
Speed and F-Stop: Two seconds @ f/4
Weather Conditions: Sunny and clear
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Lighting Techniques: Natural light

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