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October 2004

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Hawaii Volcanoes Thumbnail Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Restless deities, lakes of fire, the newest land on Earth: This park never sleeps.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the Hawaiian Islands.

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Watch the spectacular eruption of Mount Kilauea.

ONLINE EXTRA Get travel tips on visiting this dynamic national park.

WALLPAPER Decorate your desktop with an image of a massive spatter cone in Kilauea's Pu'u 'O'o crater.

POSTCARDS E-greet a friend with an image of a superheated river of lava breaking free of Kilauea.
Phoenicians Thumbnail Who Were the Phoenicians?

We know they dominated sea trade in the Mediterranean for 3,000 years. Now DNA testing and recent archaeological finds are revealing just what the Phoenician legacy meant to the ancient world—and to our own.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the Phoenician's maritime world.

FORUM Scientists are searching for genetic connections between contemporary Lebanese men and ancient Phoenicians who once lived and traded in the same region of the Middle East. What other cultural mysteries would you like to see solved through DNA studies? Enter>>

ONLINE EXTRA Read the latest news on scientists Spencer Wells's and Pierre Zalloua's DNA research.

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Get an update on the Phoenician DNA project from geneticist Spencer Wells.
Sierra Nevada Indians Thumbnail Indians of the Sierra Nevada

If they protect their sacred mountain home, the Indians of northern Colombia believe they will keep the entire planet in balance. It's getting more and more difficult.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the mountain realm of the Kogi, Wiwa, and Arhuaco peoples.

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Peer into the traditions and daily life of the Indians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in this self-recorded film, made possible by a grant from National Geographic's Expeditions Council.

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Stephen Ferry discusses the beliefs of the Indians of the Sierra Nevada, their relationship to their cosmos, and their concerns for the environment.

FORUM What can be done to help indigenous people such as the Wiwa, Kogi, and Arhuaco live without interference from outsiders? Enter>>
Snow Fox Thumbnail Seasons of the Snow Fox

Patrolling vast expanses, this wanderer of the far north has adapted to cycles of feast or famine.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the arctic fox's range.

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Photographer Norbert Rosing takes you into the frigid, snow-white world of the arctic fox.

VIDEO Watch as Norbert Rosing attempts to capture on film a pair of arctic foxes dashing across the snow.

MULTIMEDIA Norbert Rosing talks about the challenges of finding arctic fox dens and working in frigid conditions.

WALLPAPER Invite a moonlit arctic fox to brighten your desktop.

FINAL EDIT Rescued from the cutting-room floor is this month's Final Edit, an image of an arctic fox beneath a full moon.
Louisiana's Wetlands Thumbnail

Louisiana's Wetlands: The Big Uneasy

The Louisiana bayou, hardest working marsh in America, is in big trouble—with dire consequences for residents, the nearby city of New Orleans, and seafood lovers everywhere.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of southern Louisiana's diminishing wetlands.

POLL Should the federal government spend billions of dollars to stem the tide of wetland loss in Louisiana? Cast your vote then join the Forum.

FLASHBACK to 1938 when an ivorybill woodpecker jumped from its nest in a Louisiana swamp, climbed up guide J. J. Kuhn's arm, and perched on his cap.

ZipUSA: 89801 Thumbnail

ZipUSA: 89801

Residents say that no one wants to leave Elko, Nevada. Here are 50 reasons why.

NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choices for this magazine series. Enter>>

MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Photographer Robb Kendrick shows how he's reviving the 19th-century art of tintype.



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