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November 2004

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Was Darwin Wrong? Thumbnail Was Darwin Wrong?

The work of the 19th-century English naturalist shocked society and revolutionized science. How well has it withstood the test of time?

INTERACTIVE FEATURE Maneuver through the series of images that kept photographer Robert Clark organized in the field.

FORUM Why is Darwin's theory of evolution so hard to accept for so many people? What do you believe? Enter>>

FLASHBACK to the early 1900s when a prospector in Alaska dug up these woolly mammoth tusks.
Maya Underworld Thumbnail Maya Underworld

Mesoamerican farmers still perform ancient rituals in sacred caves—portals to the "place of fright."

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the Maya world.

MULTIMEDIA AUDIO Hear the 1959 recording of the Maya purification rite, "The Reverent Message to the Lords."

FORUM What traditional rituals do you take part in? Why are they important to you? Enter>>

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Discover the mysteries of the Maya underworld, where ancient rituals sustain contemporary practitioners.
Fiji's Reefs Thumbnail Fiji's Reefs

In the South Pacific a spectacular reef system takes an environmental walloping and lives to tell the tale. Scientists are listening closely.

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the Fiji Islands.

VIDEO Explore the underwater world of Fiji's rich and colorful marine life.

WALLPAPER Invite a blue-spotted grouper from Fiji's reefs to glide across your desktop.
World of Terror Thumbnail World of Terror

Terrorism is as old as humankind. Where are the hot spots, and why is it so much more lethal today?

FORUM How can the war on terror be fought effectively? And how do you define a terrorist? Enter>>

POLL Cast your vote on whether you think the war on terror can be won.
Australia's Monsoons Thumbnail Australia's Monsoon

When it rains it pours in Australia's northern outback. The steamy, temper-testing buildup to the wet has locals and visitors alike "going troppo."

MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the makings of Australia's monsoon.

VIDEO Watch how photographer Randy Olson approaches his fieldwork.

POSTCARDS Send a friend a sunny e-greeting of a saltwater crocodile capturing morning light in Australia's Kakadu National Park.

FINAL EDIT Rescued from the cutting-room floor is this month's Final Edit, an image of cattle tormented by a swarm of buffalo flies brought on by the downpour in northern Australia.
ZipUSA: 83011 Thumbnail ZipUSA: 83011

At Teton Science Schools, kids learn where the wild things are: right outside their cabin door.

NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choices for this magazine series. Enter>>



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