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November 2004

The past eight years
of the online edition.
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A table of contents for this month's stories.
Final Edit
The image that
almost made it.
See a vintage photo and browse our archives.
Voice your opinion
on related topics.
Global Getaways
International editors'
top five must-dos.
Hip Zips
Nominate your favorite for magazine coverage.
Match Wits...
With the Editor and preview the next issue.
Links and resources
on global issues.
Sights & Sounds
Maya Underworld
Who Knew?
A witty perspective on
all things scientific.

Maya Prayer Maya Prayer
Listen to
a 1959
of the
Maya purification ritual.

November 2004 Features

Was Darwin Wrong?

Maya Underworld

Fiji's Rainbow Reefs

World of Terror

Sloth Bears

Australia's Monsoon

ZipUSA: 83011
Sights and Sounds of Decent into the Maya Underworld
Sights and Sounds of Decent into the Maya Underworld

Enter the mysterious Maya underworld, where cave rituals bind ancient and modern cultures.

Australia's Monsoon Australia's Monsoon
Watch photographer
Randy Olson at work in the
and witness his close encounter with a crocodile.

Fiji's Rainbow Reef Explore Fiji's underwater world. Then download a reef resident to your desktop.
Fiji's Rainbow Reef
And the Winner Is... And the Winner Is...
Get predictions on the U.S. presidential election.

Was Darwin Wrong? Was Darwin Wrong?
Flip through the visual
prep notes
that kept
the photographer
organized in the field.
Then join our forum.

Collector's Editions - Special Features
Collector's Editions - Special Features


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War Worries
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