2004 mosaic and detail by Hanumant Singh, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and IFE/IAO

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Titanic Revisited

The remains of the luxury liner have deteriorated during the past two decades from natural decay and human impact, as revealed by this new high-resolution color mosaic of the bow section. Created from 756 images made by the remotely operated vehicle Hercules, the mosaic shows many changes since a black-and-white mosaic was made in 1987. One of the most dramatic differences: the disappearance of the crow's nest, middle right, exposing the lookout's hatch in the foremast, near right. Variations in color among the mosaic strips relect differences in the camera's height over the deck.

The wreck's salvagers say such decline makes it urgent to collect artifacts before they disappear. Bob Ballard sees their efforts as disturbing hallowed ground. Share your opinions in our forum.


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