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Where Over-used Plastic Can Rest in Peace
Photograph by David McLain

An empty water jug holding fragments of credit cards adorns the waiting room of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service office in Wilmington, Delaware, home state of many banking and credit-card operations. As part of a debt-management process, clients cut up their cards—and counselor Mary Rammel displays the shards to show in-debt newcomers that they're not alone. In 2003 more than five million people in the U.S. sought help to get out of credit-card debt. Some three million of that number are in debt-management plans, while the balance receive counseling and education in how to manage their money. As a result of such programs about 7.2 billion dollars are repaid to creditors each year—and a lot of over-extended consumers breathe easier.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Fuji 680 ll
Film Type: Astia 120
Lens: 50mm
Speed and F-Stop: Approximately four seconds @ f/5.6
Weather Conditions: Indoors
Time of Day: Noon
Lighting Techniques: I let ambient light, light the room and lit the credit cards with a small flashlight taped to the top of the water jug.
Special Equipment: At the last minute I got a keychain flashlight from Radio Shack.

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