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She's Kicked the Habit
Photograph by David McLain

Kelly Jones of Wilmington shows how her expensive wallet is now empty of the 10 to 11 credit cards she once used regularly during the 1990s. To pay off her $15,000 debt, Jones now works 64 hours a week at two jobs as a geriatric nursing assistant specialist. She started in a debt-management plan in 1998 and will finally pay off her bills in July 2005. "I have no idea what I bought. I have nothing to show for it," laments Jones, who warns young people (including her own two kids) about what can happen if they rely too much on credit cards. "You really do learn a lesson," she says. "By paying the minimum, you are paying toward the interest but the principal is still there." Projections indicate that by 2008 there will be 176 million cardholders, up 12 million since 2003.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Fuji 680 ll
Film Type: Astia 120
Lens: 135mm f/5.6
Speed and F-Stop: 1/30 @ f/8
Weather Conditions: Rainy, overcast day
Time of Day: Dusk
Lighting Techniques: One battery powered 1,200 watt second strobe and softbox.

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