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March 2005

We invite you to speak your mind on these hot topics and global issues plucked from the pages of National Geographic magazine. For more on the subject go to the online feature page, or read the March issue of NGM.

Beyond the Brain Forum Thumbnail Beyond the Brain

In a Baylor University experiment on the connection between the mind and body, a group of 180 patients suffering from knee pain agreed to undergo surgery. However, a third of them randomly and unknowingly underwent a fake procedure, receiving only small incisions in the knee. Yet, during the following two years, the placebo subjects reported the same level of pain relief as those patients who actually underwent corrective surgery. Do you believe in mind over matter? What incidents have you actually witnessed or experienced? Enter>>

Medellin Forum Thumbnail Medellín

The question of whether to legalize illegal drugs remains a hot topic in the world's urban centers. But for Maria T., a cop and mother of two young daughters, legalizing illegal drugs is not an option. She spends her time busting Medellín's "narco-terror" rings, armed groups of left-wing guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries who traffic drugs and operate cells in the city. Her work has resulted in a contract on her life, forcing her family to move four times in the past three years and to live under police protection. She risks her family's safety, she says, because "if Colombia's ever going to change, people have to be involved." Would you be willing to risk everything to do a dangerous job? Do you believe illegal drugs should be legalized? Enter>>

Invasive Species Forum Thumbnail Invasive Species

Ants that carry a mean sting and ruin lawns and gardens. Weeds that grow a mile a minute and cling to everything in sight. Mussels that wreak economic havoc on lakes and waterways by clogging water-intake pipes. Almost anywhere you look, invasive species bring a special brand of trouble. Which invaders keep you in battle mode? Enter>>

Hip Zips Forum Thumbnail Hip Zips

Nominate your favorite zip or postal code for coverage in the pages of National Geographic. Our magazine series—ZipUSA—takes a periodic peek at special corners of the country by zip code. We like the concept so much that we're going global and extending our stories to include international postal codes as well. So describe a weird, wacky, wonderful locale of your own choosing—it just might make it into the magazine—and read postings from other folks too. Enter>>



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