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Song of the Csángós
JUNE 2005
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Experience life with Romania's Csángós.
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Beyond Nationhood
Three separate and distinct communities in Romania, dating back more than eight centuries, bear the name Csángó (pronounced chahn-go). The smallest group, referred to as the Seven Villagers, lives in a string of villages near the city of Brasov in the center of the country; converted to Protestantism during the Reformation, they are the only non-Catholic Csángós. A second small community is concentrated in the remote Ghimes Valley of the high Carpathians. Together, the Seven-Village and Ghimes Csángós have an estimated population of less than 25,000. By far the largest of the three communities—up to a quarter of a million people, depending on who does the counting—inhabits the flatlands of rural Moldavia, although its precise numbers and ancestry are matters of controversy.

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